Passenger lift

We offer the solution for transporting people between the floors of your home or business premises. Safety and quality are paramount, and you can also completely adapt the passenger lift to your wishes.

What is a passenger lift?

A Hublift passenger lift has been specially developed for the transport of people, moreover, the people are transported in a safe and comfortable manner.

A Hublift passenger lift can be completely put together based on your wishes, because everything is custom-made. That is why you can choose the doors, the interior of the cabin and the materials to be used, for example. But the dimensions of the lift can also be adjusted.

We can therefore always make a suitable proposal. Below is an overview of our passenger lifts, view this for more information.

The benefits of a Hublift passenger lift

Safety: firstly, we only work with high-quality materials. But we also ensure that our lifts are produced in accordance with European guidelines.

Comfort: ease of use and comfort is paramount. Unlike most manufacturers, our lifts can be completely customized. That is why we are happy to think along with you.

Unburdening: a Hublift passenger lift comes standard with a 48-month warranty on all parts, if you have the maintenance carried out by our technicians. That way you don’t have to think about anything anymore.

Type of passenger lifts

Passenger lift - PDS

wheelchair lift

A wheelchair accessible passenger lift to move disabled people between floors.

Passenger lift - Home lift

Home lift

This home lift is suitable for installation in a construction shaft. These elevators are designed for new or existing homes.

Extensions to the Hublift passenger lift

Our passenger lift can be expanded with various options and can be placed at almost any location. An existing shaft is not necessary, if used Hublift supplies a tailor-made shaft in which your passenger lift can be mounted.

Goods lift with shaft

lift shaft

Is there no existing lift shaft in which the lift can be placed? Then Hublift can supply a self-supporting lift shaft made of steel, optionally finished with glass or a color of your choice.

Goods lift with cabin


Do you want to adapt the lift doors to the interior of your home? Then we can deliver the doors in the desired RAL color. There is also an option to opt for sliding doors instead of patio doors.

Goods lift with cabin

Cabin Interior

The cabin can be customized as desired. Together with you, we determine the desired look and select the right materials and colors for the interior of the cabin.

A passenger lift from Hublift

Affordable luxury passenger lift

Hublift is the specialist in affordable luxury passenger lifts. For more than 10 years we have been working with our customers, colleagues and partners to produce the perfect elevator. Because we focus on the purpose of the elevator, we build ‘no-nonsense’ elevators throughout Europe.

Tailor-made passenger lift

Hublift lifts are made to order, which means that we design and produce the lift completely according to the customer’s wishes. The lift therefore fits perfectly with the design of your building. The cabin of the passenger lift is completely closed and has electrically integrated doors at the entrance / exit.


The passenger lift can be built into an existing shaft or supplied with a lift shaft. A team of specialized technicians ensures that your lift is carefully assembled. We will then extensively test the lift and you will receive an explanation of how to use the lift. The time for installation varies and depends on, among other things, the design of your lift and the conditions on site. But usually we can deliver your lift in full within 2 working weeks.


In order to strive for trouble-free operation of your elevator, we offer tailor-made maintenance. We base the maintenance on your wishes and the intensity of use of your lift. If you have periodic maintenance carried out, you are entitled to a 48-month warranty on all parts.

Location of the passenger lift

Our lifts can be installed in an existing shaft. But of course also delivered including a shaft. This shaft can consist of steel or steel and safety glass. We are happy to think along with you about the design of the passenger lift.

Wheelchair accessible

Do you want to transport people in a wheelchair between the floors of your home or business premises? Then we can provide a suitable solution.


The passenger lift is equipped with the highest safety level known in its class. In the event of a power failure, fire, earthquake or other disaster, three emergency systems ensure your safety. The emergency lighting, SOS telephone connection and emergency battery movement will take you to the nearest floor.

Delivery time

The delivery time is always coordinated in consultation with you, based on the space in the production planning. The average delivery time for the passenger lift is 14 (working) weeks.


We are happy to advice you and ensure that your lift meets your needs, no bells and whistles that cause unnecessarily high prices. We focus on the origin of the requirements to create the lift that fits your needs perfectly.

Are you convinced of the quality and advantages of our lifts? Please contact us to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to visit your location to discuss your wishes, so that we can make you a suitable offer. You can always contact us for any viewings or references. See also our projects page if you want to see more examples of our lifts.

Let’s Work Together

We give you advice without the obligation to order and ensure your lift meets your needs. No bells and whistles that cause unnecessarily high prices, as we focus on the origin of demand to create the lift that fits your needs perfectly.