Compact parking system

Unlike our other parking systems, the Compact system is semi-automatic. It is designed to carry up to three times as many vehicles on the same surface. In its basic structure, it is like a stack of several garages (up to three). Access is always from the ground floor.

The number of adjacent “garages” can be freely selected as required. However, to have any benefit from this system, there must be at least two.

Unlike our fully automated systems, users drive directly to their parking space and leave the system on foot. The advantage of this is that no transfer space or expensive loading and unloading units are required. Wide vehicle pallets make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

This is where drivers actually go into the system, so it’s intended for a select group of users and not the general public. This parking system is ideally suited for multi-family homes and small office complexes.

Operation is performed only by the user, who must request access to the system and then confirm that it is “locked”. Depending on the arrangement of vehicles in the system, several vehicles can be picked up or parked at the same time.

Parking system CP

Parking system features

  • The most compact parking system
  • Easy movement of the vehicle in vertical or horizontal direction
  • For all common passenger cars
  • Wide pallets for easy entry and exit
  • Galvanized System Components for Corrosion Protection
  • Arrangement on three levels possible
  • Semi-automatic design

    The advantages

    • Ideal for a limited number of users
    • Excellent protection against theft and damage
    • Fits in small spaces
    • No expensive storage and retrieval unit required
    • Economical and space-saving

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