Vertical parking system

The LP parking system has been developed for narrow and confined spaces. A horizontal configuration reduces the required width. This means that LP fits into narrow rows of buildings being refurbished or into tight spaces between existing buildings. In short: it fits everywhere.

LP is suitable for underground, above ground or mixed construction. With a height of 16 m and a length of up to 100 m, it can accommodate up to 60 vehicles of any size. In the LP system, the vehicle pallets are placed on a self-supporting steel structure or directly in the concrete building itself. This gives planners and architects maximum flexibility in the positioning and use of space. The height of the system is determined only by local conditions. This also applies to the number of levels and thus the number of parking spaces.

At LP, vehicles are parked parallel to the recovery and collection unit. Several cars can be placed one behind the other or next to each other. In the longitudinal configuration, there can be up to three parking spaces to the left and right of the storage unit.

The LP system comes in two variants, which differ in the position of the transfer chamber:

  • With LPM, the transfer space is located in the middle, above the intake and discharge unit.
  • In LPS he is on the side.

With both variants, the loading and unloading unit can be designed as a lift with a shuttle mounted on it (as in the TP system) or as a longitudinally driven version (as in the UP parking system). A second storage and retrieval unit is provided for a high turnover rate and short access times.

In the LP system, the loading and unloading of the vehicle pallets is handled by a chain conveyor on the pick-up and pick-up unit. We also successfully apply this solution in sheet metal shops and other applications. Its operation is almost wear-free. Depending on the chosen system, the pick-up and pick-up unit takes the vehicle pallet directly from the transfer room or the pallet is transported to the exact position with a lift under the transfer room.

Here too, sensors monitor the transfer process, for example to ensure that all passengers have left the vehicle. Sensor networks also monitor the vehicle’s movements in the parking system after it has been handed over. In this way, the distance between the vehicle and the parking garage remains the same and the car never touches it.

For those who want an enhanced parking experience, we can optionally install a turntable that always delivers the parked car in the direction of travel. Maneuvering is not necessary – and there are no dangers to the vehicle.

Parking system LP

Parking system features

  • Combined lift/shuttle technology or longitudinally powered pick-up and pick-up unit
  • Vehicle is transported on pallet platform
  • For all common passenger cars
  • Automatic discharge for pallet platform (snow, rain, …)
  • Optional: flexible configuration of the turntable possible
  • Galvanized System Components for Corrosion Protection
  • Underground, above-ground or mixed construction possible

      The advantages

      • A rotating platform parks and retrieves cars in the direction of travel
      • Ideal for a small number of users
      • Intelligent distribution of vehicles within the system for shorter access times
      • Ample boarding space instead of narrow driveways or lanes
      • No complicated ventilation system or expensive lighting required
      • Excellent protection against theft and damage
      • Fits in small spaces

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