Lack of space can be a reason to purchase a goods lift, but it can also be a reason not to purchase the lift. When the entire space is in use, there may be no room for an elevator. That is why Hublift not only supplies goods lifts for your warehouse, factory hall or other types of storage, but also goods lifts for the outside.

When there is a need for a goods lift but no space is available within a warehouse and / or factory hall, an outdoor lift can be the solution. There is no impact on your storage capacity, but the advantage of an advanced vertical lifting system.
These goods lifts are similar to lifts supplied by Hublift for use within your buildings but feature a fully enclosed safety cage that is resistant to all weather conditions.

Hublift gives a 10-year warranty on rust on this “outside cage”. The weatherproof safety cage is supplied with special “outdoor” doors and control box.

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