TC 2C Cargo lift

TC 2C Cargo lift

Hydraulic goods lift with 2 cylinders The TC 2C meets the highest requirements for the transport of goods between floors. Two opposing cylinders, hydraulically and mechanically synchronized, together with the 4 leading rails, offer stability that is incomparable with other drive types. It is intended for installation in a construction shaft with associated doors at the entrances / exits. Capacity from 500 to 3000 kg, speed 0.13 m / s. The TC 2C series complies with the current EU directive for machine safety.

The TC 2C lifts are available with the options below:
-Manually operated hinged revolving doors
-Electric rolling doors
-Second speed
-Self-supporting shaft
-Mobile lever
-IP protection class

1) Lifting platform with dimensions, CW width and CD depth.
2) Guide rails.
3) Switch box.
4) Reinforced concrete wall for rail mounting.
5) Floor (recess) or ramp.

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