TC T 1000 with 2 cylinders


This customer had bought its first hydraulic goods lift from Hublift in 2015 and due to the stormy growth it was experiencing, they needed a new goods lift in order to make optimal use of the various floors in the warehouse.

The guidance, aftercare and service provided by Hublift for the previously delivered goods lift was experienced as extremely pleasant by the customer, so it was a logical consequence that Hublift was also invited to contribute to an optimal solution for the delivery of the new goods lift.


The new goods lift is used intensively and has to transport goods to 3 floors. Pallet trucks and carts drive to and from the corridors, which lead right next to the goods lift, making standard revolving doors vulnerable. That is why it has been decided to equip the goods lift with electric high-speed roller doors that do not form an obstacle for passing means of transport. These electric roller doors hang in a completely closed, galvanized cage that ensures optimum safety.
For optimum stability, a goods lift with 2 lifting masts was chosen, consisting of a hydraulic lifting cylinder and double chains. The dimensions of the lifting platform are adapted to the roll containers and pallets to be transported and, in addition, the lifting platform is equipped with side walls, a rear wall and sensors on the front/entry side that stop the goods lift if the beam between the sensors is interrupted. This prevents unnecessary damage to the goods lift and/or goods. Due to the intensive use of the goods lift, it was decided to sink the lifting platform into a floor recess/pit provided by a construction company. The big advantage of this is that the lifting platform, also on the ground floor, is at the same height as the surrounding floor.


Hublift has supplied drawings of the floor recess/pit and also dimensions of the safety cage in which the goods lift is located. Using these drawings and measurements, a contractor made the pit and holes in the upper floors so that the safety cage, with a height of almost 9 meters, could be built. To guarantee the safety of the installers, an aerial platform is always used, if possible, so that the construction can partly take place from the inside. After the installation has been completed, the goods lift is extensively tested and if everything functions optimally, the operating system is explained to the persons who will work with the goods lift and/or to the responsible person.

Goods lift, including safety cage under construction

Finished product, version with fast running roller door


A perfectly functioning and safe goods lift and a satisfied customer who can confidently look forward to the growth of her company in the coming years. The new goods lift has resulted in a doubling of the number of incoming and outgoing goods on the various floors, which saves the necessary hours of labor costs on a daily basis.
goods lift with 2 cylinders

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