Car lift with movable roof construction


This car lift is the solution to the lack of space in this apartment complex. The car lift is used daily by the residents of the apartment complex, who park the car safely and quickly in the parking basement in the evening and efficiently remove the car from the parking basement in the morning. The Autolift TC 4C R with independently movable roof guarantees maximum stability and reliability. In addition, the roof is also used daily to reach the parking spaces behind the residential complex. Thanks to the car lift, the space has been used optimally and the maximum number of parking spaces has been achieved.

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The architects of this apartment complex have planned 16 apartments in the complex, but there was not enough space to provide each apartment with a parking space. The driveway of a parking garage quickly takes up 4 parking spaces and is expensive. The architects were looking for a solution so that they could use all the space in the parking garage and where the parking spaces behind the complex would also still be accessible.



Hublift builds fit-for-purpose freight elevators, the design phase is essential to create a good understanding of the customer’s wishes. Once we have a good understanding of the needs, we advise our customers how best to use the elevator and how the customer can work with the elevator as efficiently as possible. These considerations are all taken into account in the design of the freight elevator. In this project, the aim was to automatically move 45 pallets per lift from the first floor to the ground floor. In this case, the flow of goods goes both from a to b and from b to a, which is why a goods lift with bi-directional roller conveyors was chosen so that return flows run through the same routing. Tracking of the physical goods is possible via the supplied PLC system.

Car lift with 4 columns


Preparation is half the battle, this also applies to the elevator installation. To prevent delays and unsafe situations, Hublift carries out a risk analysis for each project based on the situation on location. In this case, for example, we had to deal with an open shaft in combination with bad weather, it can happen that the basement is flooded. That is why a tent was arranged before the scaffolding was built to be able to install the lift, which is also very pleasant for our technicians. All parts of a Hublift car lift are modular and are delivered in an efficient manner. Within 3 weeks the lift was installed and ready for use. After the installation is completed, the car lift is set up and tested extensively. If everything functions optimally, the system is explained to the residents who are going to use the lift, after which the lift can be put into use.

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