Autolift met beweegbaar dak voor een privéwoning


A full, driveway-integrated car elevator that the entire family uses daily. With 4 lifting columns and a movable roof, this lift ensures that cars can be transported safely and comfortably from the first floor to the underground parking garage. Combined with the hand control, drivers do not need to leave the car when using the lift.

In addition, the lift is equipped with a wide range of safety features to ensure the safety of the operator and bystanders. Meanwhile, the lift is used daily by all family members, who can safely transport their cars to the multi-vehicle parking basement.

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Car elevator in driveway

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Due to lack of parking space, Hublift was asked to design a car elevator that could be fully integrated into the driveway. Here it is important that the entire structure fits into the architect’s design and, in addition, the safety of the drivers and bystanders is guaranteed.

User-friendliness and stability of the platform were decisive requirements. Also, reliability was very important, as four family members use the car elevator daily.


Hublift builds fit-for-purpose Goods Lifts, the design phase is essential to create a good understanding of the customer’s wishes. Once we have a good understanding of the needs, we advise our customers how best to use the lift and how the customer can work with the lift as efficiently as possible. These considerations are all factored into the design of our lift.

The customer was looking for a unique design, different from a scissor elevator and other products already available on the market. In particular, stability and safety were high on the customer’s list of priorities. Together with the designers, a product was developed on the basis of a comprehensive set of requirements that exactly matched the architect’s design and the customer’s wishes.

A handheld console and a remote control included with the lift allow the lift to be operated. This way, the driver does not have to get out of the car. The lift can therefore be used comfortably in all weather conditions.

Technical drawing car elevator with moveable roof


Installing a car elevator is not an easy task. This is a product with a huge number of components and electronic safeguards. In addition, the mechanics work outside and in a pit more than 4 meters deep. No security risk is taken in this type of project.

In consultation with the customer, the installation work was planned in such a way as to cause as little disruption as possible. Other construction work on the house also took place during the installation of the lift. Possible fall risks have therefore been identified so that accidents can be avoided.

Transportation of the parts is done in phases to avoid damage to the parts. This takes into account the order of installation and the lead time of the various activities. Upon completion, the car elevator was extensively tested. If everything functions optimally, the system is explained to the residents who are going to use the lift, after which the lift can be put into use.

Car elevator with car down
Car elevator with car on board
Car elevator open from top
Car elevator safety edge
Control of the car elevator with notification
Car elevator with hydraulic cylinders
Car elevator with movable roof open
Car elevator with persons on board handheld
Control of the car elevator
Car lift complete opened with roof
Car elevator with touch safety edge
Car elevator open from side

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