Hublift delivers customized cargo lifts, the ideal cargo lift comes about after good consultation with the client and careful assessment of the possibilities on location. What is possible within Hublift? We will show this by means of a number of examples. In this blog, we focus on the one-mast Cargo lifts.

TC Cargo Lift
The simplest version is a goods lift of the type TC. The TC cargo lift is usually used to transport cargo with a somewhat smaller size (max. Platform surface 2500 x 1500 mm), but is available with a capacity of up to 1500 kg. The mast is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that moves the lift platform up / down. In some cases, the mast can be anchored to an existing wall and a lift shaft is not required. (see enclosed photo)


The enclosed photo shows a small TC cargo lift that is used optimally because it can be stopped at various levels. Due to safety requirements, the control button must be pressed continuously to move / keep the lift moving.


In this example of a small TC version, a floor recess has been chosen so that the lifting platform drops into it. This means that everything can be loaded on the same level, such as roll containers or pallets. If a floor recess is not an option, a ramp can be chosen.

Various options are also available for the TC cargo lifts, such as a partition on the lifting platform or a fully enclosed cabin with lighting. Larger, heavier versions sometimes require several masts, 2 or even 4 lifting masts.


TC T Cargo lift

The next type of cargo lift is the type TC T. The main difference from the above version is that the cargo lift is enclosed by an elevator shaft that is fitted with electrically integrated doors on each floor. (see photo below)


This version is broadly comparable to a passenger lift as is known to most people, but the control buttons are located on the outside of the cargo lift so that the lift can only be controlled from the outside. Passenger transport is therefore not permitted in these cargo lifts. Depending on the dimensions and capacity of the cargo lift, the lift is supplied with 1 – 2 or 4 lifting masts and has a capacity of max. 6 tons.

The lift shaft or safety cage is usually equipped with hinged doors, but can also be fitted with high-speed roller doors if desired. The motor for driving the lift can optionally be equipped with 2 speeds, so that the last bit of descending / ascending takes place at a reduced speed and the “touch down” is achieved almost imperceptibly.


In addition, the cargo lift can be equipped with an automatic leveling system; this means that the lifting platform adapts automatically to the load, i.e. if the lift is on the 1st floor and a pallet is driven on the lifting platform, the lifting platform will drop slightly, but this is immediately compensated by the automatic leveling system.

In addition to single-masted cargo lifts, we also supply larger, heavier cargo lifts, car lifts and passenger lifts. For more information or a free quote, you can always contact us.